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Cage Nets

Our Netmaking Plant was developed using the most advanced technologies and equipment to ensure a product that meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements.

Since 2010 Luxsol® cooperates with European netmaking plants. Norway and Denmark Companies provide advisory services in Net Pens construction. We use the best raw material with antifouling coating and UV protection for nettings. We use the best experience of companies from Italy, Turkey and Spain in sports and barrier nets production. Summing it all up Luxsol® is one of the leading Netmaking Plants that guarantees everyday suitability. All our products are certified and have been tested in Russia.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to make custom netting in any dimension using any type of material. You can configure the netting to meet your requirements.

There are many Net Pens shapes: rectangular, square, cylindrical, hexagon, octagon or any custom. Luxsol® can make a completely or partially removable opaque cover to prevent fish from jumping out or predatory birds from getting in. We use the best experience of foreign companies and we can make any additional equipment such as Dead Fish Collector, etc.

Cage Nets

The size and volume of cages

Provisional data for cylindrical shape net pen.

Circle (m) 16 25 31 47 63 79
Diameter (m) 5 8 10 15 20 25
Area of the surface (m2) 20 50 79 177 314 491

3 m 59 m3 151 m3 236 m3 530 m3 942 m3 1472 m3
6 m 118 m3 301 m3 471 m3 1060 m3 1884 m3 2944 m3
8 m 157 m3 402 m3 628 m3 1413 m3 2512 m3 3925 m3
10 m 196 m3 502 m3 785 m3 1766 m3 3140 m3 4906 m3
12 m 236 m3 603 m3 942 m3 2120 m3 4710 m3 3925 m3
15 m 118 m3 301 m3 471 m3 1060 m3 1884 m3 7359 m3
20 m 393 m3 1005 m3 1570 m3 3533 m3 6280 m3 9813 m3

Luxsol® make several series of fish farming constructions. Such as Barrel Floated Net Pens, Steel made Cages, Plastic Net Pens. All that are available in a broader range of widths, depths and mesh sizes.

How to Place Your Order

We are glad to help you place your order, send us a message by e-mail or give us a call +7 (495) 223-06-08
We send You a cost sheet and the net sample by а shipping company.
We develop 3D-model of the product according to the customer's specifications
We sign a contract and make out an invoice
We accomplish the order using the 3D-model
We send You the order by а shipping company.

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