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Prices for cages and net pens

Net pen or Cage sample calculation.

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Steel pontoon parameters:

Shape octagon
Inner perimeter 16,0 m
Effective area 19,31 m2
Number of pillars 16
Guard rail height 1,06 m
Pontoon pipes (HDPE) PE100
Pipe diameter 250 mm
Wall thickness 12,1 mm (SDR26)
Quantity 32 m
Price for pontoon:  O/R

Net Pen parameters:

Shape octagon
Netting 187 TEX х 6 – Mesh size 10 mm
Nominal yarn diameter 1,9 mm
Cage height 2+1 m
Cage perimeter 16,0 m
Rope reinforcement Rope reinforcement 6 mm top rope, leadline rope, vertical rope
Top connections 8 pc.
Base connections 8 pc.
Netting Knotless Netting
Additional The joints are connected by a cord through a cell + Overlock (knitting machine). Seams are penetrated with anti self-dissolvable treatment. Loops are covered with rubberized composition.
Price for net pen: O/R

Time of delivery - 10 -12 working days.
Pre-payment - 70%.
Antifouling treatment is available.

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Payment and delivery

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