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Fish farming, aquaculture and bio-resources in Russia

We are glad to present to you the brief resume of Group of Company «LUXSOL®» successfully working in the market of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries for more than 8 years.

The structure of our Group consists of the following organizations:

  • LLC «Luxsol®»
  • LLC «Luxsol aqua®»

Merging of acting structures into united corporation provided us with a portfolio of significant orders and more effective management. Strong Controll and Flexibility of structure during realization of building projects – our basic advantage in work with Customers at any level including State Customer.

Regulated interaction of structures evidently reduces not only labour costs, but also timeframes of production manufacturing. It helps us to successfully manage with responsible contracts and investment projects.

Professional experience of management

Long-term professional experience of management in complex with energy, reliability and collective spirit of all employees of corporation –that’s what makes «LUXSOL®» successful. We wish, that as much as possible of our Customers, colleagues and friends could evaluate in practice the individuality, creativity, technological level and technical professionalism of Group of Companies «LUXSOL®».


Objects of aquaculture in Russia



Netting is used for fishing, in agricultural constructions such as fences and cages, in Fish farming and in Sports and Industrial Protective installations.

ALT Оборудование для разведения рыбы.

Luxsol Net Pens

Luxsol makes net pens using the most advanced technologies such as latex impregnation, painting, antifouling, etc. Net pen sides can be single layer or twin layer netting. All sides and bottom may be reinforced by the rope.

Dead Fish Collector

Dead Fish Collector

Luxsol can make a completely or partially removable opaque cover to prevent fish from jumping out or predatory birds from getting in. We use the best experience of foreign companies and we can make any additional equipment such as Dead Fish Collector, etc.

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