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Knotless Nettings

LuxSol® was developed using the most advanced technologies and equipment to ensure a high-precision «zero defects» knotless nettings. We make a full complement of Fishing Nets and Commercial Fishing Supplies, wide range of Safety Nets, various nets for Sport Industry from Goal Post Nets to the largest stadium-sized Backstop and Barrier Nets.

While developing our knotless nettings we consider each and every safety and performance aspect. As a company looking to the future, Luxsol® places particular emphasis on investing in research and quality. We use and develop advanced testing measuring technology to deliver matured and optimized products for Your satisfaction.

Chemical and physical properties of knotless netting:

Yarn type polyamide polyester propathene polyethene
UV resistance good good average poor
Specific gravity 1.17 1.38 0.9 0.93
Melting temperature С0 215 260 160 120
Alkali stability good poor good good
Moisture absorption % 3.7-4.7 0.4 0 0

Knotless Nettings

We sell our finest knotless netting in kilograms.

It is necessary to take into account the width of netting (492 meshes).
For example: 20Х20 mesh size means 13,8 m netting width, 40Х40 mesh size - means 27,6 m. We can divide nettings into equal and not equal parts. For example 20Х20 mesh size netting can be devided into 10 and 3,8 m.
The netting is up to 250 meters in Height

Luxsol® knotless net specification:
  • Material: polyamide, polyester, polyethylene (monofilament) polypropylene.
  • Min mesh size - 3 mm.
  • Max mesh size - 200 mm.
  • Min nominal yarn diameter -1 mm.
  • Max nominal yarn diameter – 3,4 mm.
  • Shape of mesh: diamond, square, hexagon.
  • Meshes Deep - 492.
  • Yarn structure from 93Х2 to 187Х9 TEX.

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