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Fish Cages Manufacturing

Keep your fish alive in the water until needed. Our 100% knotless mesh won’t harm the fish.

Every good cage should be built only after considering several factors:

  • Cages should be made of excellent materials. Cages are rather expensive therefore an owner wants his cage to last several years.

  • The netting selected is very important. The netting mesh size should be as large as possible and sill prevent fish from escaping. Selecting the largest mesh possible that will sill retain your fish is critical to the health of your fish by allowing good water circulation. Since your fish will be confined to a small volume of water, a good exchange of water in the cage will carry out wastes while bringing in fresh oxygenated water.

A cage consists of a frame, netting, floatation and lid.

The frame of the cage can be constructed from wood, iron, steel, aluminum, fiberglass polyethylene or other synthetic material. Frames of wood or steel must be coated with a non-toxic yet water-resistant substance to prevent rot or rust. The frame serves as a place to attach the netting and in some instances (PVC) serves as floatation.

The netting material can be galvanized wire, solid plastic mesh or nylon netting. Knotless netting is most desirable since it is much less abrasive which may be viewed as being less harmful to fish. The floatation is made to maintain the top of the cage just above the water surface.
The lid for the cage can be constructed form the same type netting as the rest of the cage. The lid prevent fish form escaping and form predators attacks.

Fish Cages in Aquaculture:

Instant isolation chamber for fish observation
The Floating Fish Cage sets up in seconds to create a protected area within your pond. Knotless netting allows good water circulation and provides a sense of security to help reduce fish stress. Floating lid allows easy access. The Floating Fish Cage is useful for emergencies, but can also/
Isolate aggressive fish
Sudden aggression in pond fish usually occurs in ponds with multiple species. What causes it? Some species of fish suddenly become aggressive to guard their eggs. If you plan on breeding fish, it might be best to set up a separate breeding tank or partition off part of the pond. Isolating aggressive fish will keep them from harming the other fish in the pond.
Isolate weak or injured fish
The Floating Fish Cage can be used to temporarily house weak or injured fish. Since the Floating Fish Cage is placed directly inside your pond, you minimize additional stress caused by transport shock.
Fish Nursery
Use the Floating Fish Cage as a nursery. Small or young pond fish may not receive proper nutrition. Larger fish can harass or take food away from smaller fish. Young fish kept in the Floating Fish Cage are able to eat in peace and you do not have to overfeed the pond to make sure the smaller fish get their share.

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